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Energy Marketing Consulting Group 

Energy Marketing Consulting Group (EMCG) is a consulting practice with a focus on developing market insight and market intelligence by leveraging the appropriate database marketing platforms, marketing information, and analytic services. The result is enhanced marketing decision making.  Our combined experience in market research, database marketing, predictive modeling, and strategic marketing is extensive and strategic. We have worked all the the major residential and commercial marketing service providers. We have long standing relationships and working knowledge of the digital marketing, email and marketing platform and service companies today. 

John Mulroy has an extensive background in energy planning and development. He ran the Weatherization and Fuel Assistance Program for Middlesex County, NJ, for several years. He then worked for a highly regarded Boston based energy consulting firm managing energy programs as well as energy consulting studies for governmental agencies, utilities, schools and hospitals. He went on to work for a Dun & Bradstreet subsidiary, developing and managing the east coast utility practice. The strategic unit provided market research, market segmentation, marketing information systems and database services for marketing& direct strategies. He has since worked for Metromail, Marketing Information & Technology (MITI) and ProResponse. He is presently a partner in Energy Marketing Consulting Group, which provide segmentation services, scoring and database consulting services to utility and energy companies. John serves on several non profit committees including the South County Energy Work Group, which is engaged in the review and selection of wind turbine feasibility studies and ultimately the building of onshore wind turbines. 

Paul Akel has logged nearly thirty years in the information business, including predictive modeling and specialized management consulting. Following his doctoral training he served as chief of demography for the State of Connecticut, producing the first local area population & household estimates for the Governor’s Office. Subsequently, he joined Dun & Bradstreet and built a career in demography and sales & marketing. During that time Paul also served in senior management positions at Donnelley Marketing, Nielsen, and NPD. Following his corporate experience, Paul launched a successful management consulting company. The firm provided donor screening and predictive analytics to non-profits in higher education, as well as large membership organizations, and was acquired with a client base of over 170 clients.

Jeff Knebel is a senior product marketing and management executive, with significant experience in the marketing information services, direct marketing and information technology industries. Jeff’s expertise includes strategic and marketing planning, product development, market research, partner marketing, and marketing communications. He managed household and geo-demographic segmentation systems, and directed customer analytics and modeling projects, to drive decision making. His work experiences includes Director & Managing consultant at Mastercard Advisors, Product Marketing Director at Experian, Product Marketing Manager at Acxiom, and Marketing Director at Donnelley Marketing Information Service. Jeff’s experience is broad and deep in the delivery of household and geographic level analytics, along with extensive product and project management in the major information and technology services providers. 

Casey Borch is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a data and modeling consultant. His main areas of expertise are quantitative methods with a specialty in longitudinal data analysis, social psychology and quantitative analysis. He has published 20 articles, including ones in the Public Opinion Quarterly and the Journal of Mathematical Sociology. His work has been cited in over 300 magazines, newspapers, and internet venues. He teaches graduate-level classes in advanced quantitative methods (most notably, categorical data analysis and longitudinal data analysis) as well as classes in social psychology and statistics. He has worked with organizations such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as a data analyst and sampling director for the Center for AIDS Research at UCONN. Casey is a recognized expert in the analysis of household level and surveyed data sets, identifying hidden trends and behavior patterns. Casey holds a B.A. from Eastern Connecticut State University, an M.A. from the University of South Carolina, and a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut

There is an increasing trend where both residential and commercial customers are becoming increasingly conscious of their energy usage and more engaged in energy usage decision-making. Many are adopting energy conservation measures through their utility sponsored energy efficiency programs. Many existing and new customers are supporting energy power suppliers that offer renewable energy power programs including wind and solar power. Although the kwh pricing may be higher, many feel the “return” is well worth the increased costs.

We help understand why customers are willing to pay more for their energy power as well as what motivates the consumer or commercial client to engage in energy efficiency programs including the purchase of energy conservation measures . Utilities and energy companies need to better understand the characteristics, patterns and habits of households and businesses, in order to reach and better serve an increasingly diverse population of energy users.

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